Green party policy principles

Our policy aims is based on three principles:

– means basing on the partnership between man and nature. We are for the economic system aimed at needs of contemporary people and future generations, for preserving nature, man’s cultural heritage, for the economy of natural resources. When making economic decisions, both social and ecological aspects must be taken into consideration.

– means looking for formulas of living together and at the same time preserving reciprocal identity and autonomy. Both the majority and the miniority should obey the principles of tolerance, freedom and nonviolence, observance of the outlook, religion, ethnic, cultural and many other miniorities, which follows from the ecological postulate of diversity.

– means looking for the world which gives people a feeling of security since niether a complex police apparatus nor a large army that is supposed to deter our potential enemies can ensure that. We should eliminate material and political possibilities and habits of solving conflicts by means of military clashes. Therefore, we should aim at eradicating models of both direct and structural violence, demilitarisations of our social, economic and political life, making educational systems and the media free from glorification of violence and hostility towards other people and nations. We shall call on every man not to act upon impulses or aggressions and to reject the stereotypes of an enemy. At the same time, as a party we declare that we shall observe the principles of non-violence consistently. However, we are for a professional army which would meet the terms and conditions of the partnership of the defensive pact and a competent state police that would ensure security of the citizens and public order